Customer Ombudsman

When does the Customer Ombudsman intervene?

  • Upon request by customers who have signed a supply contract with Endesa and are dissatisfied with some aspect of the Company's energy distribution and supply and associated services it provides.
  • The Ombudsman helps customers who have previously filed a formal complaint with Endesa's Customer Service and are dissatisfied with the response received or have not received any response within a two-month period.
  • The Ombudsman intervenes if the object of the complaint is not awaiting resolution by a government body or dependent organisation or if less than one year has passed since the incident causing the complaint occurred.

How can I request assistance from the Ombudsman?

1. Through our online form

If any of these cases applies, please enter
Your complaint reference number
Ej: 12 347 272ABCD-XX 00-057575-13
Include any dashes and spaces
I declare that I have not filed this complaint with any other government or judicial authority, and that I understand the terms and conditions of this service

2. At the customer service centres provided by ENDESA in the regions where it is present

The request must be made in person and duly signed by the affected customer or their representative on a voluntary basis, containing:

A detailed description of the incident leading to the complaint and its effect on energy supply, along with the customer's desired resolution, clearly stated.
Documentation supporting customer claims
Documentation that has already been exchanged between the customer and the Company regarding this incident and complaint.
Customer details (name, surname, identity card number, home address and telephone number).
If you have not yet contacted or filed the complaint with your supplier's Customer Service, this must be the first step you take. You can do so by calling one of the following telephone numbers:
If you are billed by
Endesa Energia XXI
800 76 03 33
365 days a year, anytime
If you are billed by
Endesa Energia
800 76 09 09
365 days a year, anytime
Questions about
the Online Office
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Service Points and
Endesa Commercial Offices
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This is how we will handle your complaint

Complaint diagram After receiving the complaint, the Ombudsman will request further information from the customer if necessary

Once all received documentation has been examined:
  • The Ombudsman will arrange a meeting between the customer and Company representatives with a view to reaching an agreement

    This mediation process allows for rapid resolution and facilitates constructive dialogue between the customer and the Company, contributing to an outcome that is beneficial to both parties.

    It is in the Ombudsman's interest to ensure that agreements are observed by the Company.
  • If, at the end of the mediation process no agreement is reached, the Ombudsman will request documentation from the Company regarding the case. They will then issue a resolution in writing, which must be observed by the Company once it has been accepted by the customer.
  • Information from processed claims are confidential; their contents shall only be made available to the parties concerned.

The Ombudsman responds

  • The Ombudsman's resolutions are based on the principles of conciliation, fairness and equity.
  • The Ombudsman issues a resolution within a two-month period starting from the date the customer files their complaint. Both the customer and the Company are informed of the resolution in writing.
  • Endesa undertakes to automatically and voluntarily accept resolutions issued by the Customer Ombudsman and must comply with their decision within a 30-day period starting the day after the customer expressly accepts said agreement.

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